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Membership News 12/30/2007

Posted by Yvonne Wade Sanchez in Membership News.

linda-2.jpgRenew Your STC Membership

by Linda King, STC Houston President

In case you’ve forgotten, annual STC memberships are effective January 1 through December 31 of each year. That means that your membership renewal is due by January 1, 2008. Online membership renewal is open on the STC Houston website at http://www.stc-houston.org/join.htm and on the Society website at http://www.stc.org/membership/.

Renew your membership now so that you can continue to take advantage of all the information and resources available on the international Society website. On your membership application, be sure to choose membership in the STC Houston chapter to take advantage of all the information, activities, and networking opportunities provided by the local chapter.

Remember: You must pay dues renewals by February 28 to be eligible to vote in STC’s annual election and in STC Houston’s spring election.

A Word to the Wise

I’ve heard some STC Houston members complain that they never receive information about our chapter activities. Invariably, the cause is one of two things: either they have not requested membership in the Houston chapter on their membership application, or they have failed to opt in to our chapter email list. If you or any member you know is not receiving regular email communications from the STC Houston listserv, please be aware of these two requirements and how to fix the problem.

To specify membership in the Houston chapter on a membership application, contact STC Membership Manager Lynn Anderson at lynn.anderson@stc.org.

To opt in to our email list, go to http://www.stc-houston.org/emaillist.htm.

If these steps don’t solve the problem or if additional help is needed, contact a member of our administrative council.



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