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Volunteer News 04/29/2008

Posted by Yvonne Wade Sanchez in Volunteer News.

March into the Volunteer Spotlight

By Cindy Pao, Technical Writer

At our community meeting last week (April 8), Linda King asked new members, members who have been away for a while, and visitors to introduce themselves. Linda does this each month, and it’s a really neat exercise.

Each month, I (or someone like me) gets up and thanks the previous month’s volunteers. Usually, I stand at the microphone and say the names. This month, I tried a variation on Linda’s approach. I still read off the names, but I asked all of the volunteers to stand as I read their names. They stayed standing until the list was complete, and then I told the newcomers that these are the folks who run our community.

Thanks to you, March volunteers! You move us; you shake us; you march us right into the halls of STC distinction!

  • Cathy Bettoney
  • Melanie Boston
  • Jan Brantley
  • Doug Brown
  • Robert Delwood
  • Jamie Diamandopoulos
  • Gary Foster
  • Alyssa Fox
  • Erika Frensley
  • Alise Hagan
  • Shawn Harris
  • Ann Jennings
  • Crystal Johnson
  • Linda King
  • Dean Liscum
  • Deborah Long
  • Ruth Marcom
  • Rikki Mitman
  • Paul Mueller
  • Elizabeth Navarro
  • Newsletter team
  • Cindy Pao
  • Ritu Raju
  • Aimee Roundtree
  • Yvonne Wade Sanchez
  • Evalyn Shea
  • Deborah Silvi
  • Anne Smith
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Scott Thibaut
  • John Turner
  • Rachel Vernon
  • Melanie Walker
  • Stephanie Weiss
  • Ashely Wieringa

Honoring our Volunteers

In June, the program meeting honors STC Houston volunteers and many others. You should receive an email invitation from your Vice President very soon. Think Hawaiian!

If this article has inspired you in any way, you can find out more about volunteer opportunities by contacting Doug Brown.



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