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STC Houston Ranked #17 in the List of Most Popular STC Chapters and SIGs 05/14/2013

Posted by Yvonne Wade Sanchez in 2013 Issues.

What a great year we’ve had.  We started the program year off celebrating our 50th anniversary as a techcomm organization. Then, we ended the program year being recognized at the STC Summit in Atlanta as a Distinguished Chapter (highest rank) and also the Most Improved Chapter.  Part of what made this year fantastic was the increase in the amount of online engagement.  In September of 2012, I shared some stats that showed that STC Houston ranked #25 as one of the most popular STC chapters or SIGs on Twitter.  I’m excited to share that we’ve moved up to #17 and that the number of followers of @STCHouston has increased by almost 50%.

Rank Chapter or SIG
1 STC Accessibility SIG
3 STC Washington, DC
4 STC San Diego and Orange County
5 STC Summit
6 STC Chicago
7 STC Technical Editing SIG
8 STC France
9 STC Alberta
10 STC Europe
11 STC Carolina
12 STC Austin
13 STC Rochester
14 STC Rocky Mountain
15 STC Silicon Valley
16 STC India
17 STC Houston
18 STC Atlanta
19 STC Vancouver and British Columbia
20 STC Webmaster
21 STC UK & Ireland
22 STC Toronto
23 STC New England
24 STC Single Sourcing SIG
25 STC Pittsburgh

Thanks for the supporting STC Houston, and I hope next year is just as spectacular.

Yvonne Wade Sanchez
STC Houston Newsletter and Social Media Manager



1. Rick Sapir (@ricksapir) - 05/17/2013

Great stuff! How was this list generated?

Yvonne Wade Sanchez - 05/17/2013

Rick, since I took over as Social Media Manager for STC Houston in August 2012, I’ve been tracking the numbers. I reported STC Houston’s rank at the beginning of the program year, and I decided to close the program year with a report on our progress. I have a spreadsheet in which I track the numbers, so if you would like to see it, I’m happy to share.


Yvonne Wade Sanchez (@ywsanchez)

Lori - 05/17/2013

Dear Yvonne,
I am the co-manager of the Technical Editing SIG, and I would like to see these numbers also. Congratulations to your chapter on being named a Community of Distinction!

Yvonne Wade Sanchez - 05/17/2013


I just emailed you the data.



Lori Meyer - 05/17/2013

Thanks very much, Yvonne.

2. Dateline Houston – June 2013 Issue | Dateline Houston - 05/31/2013

[…] STC Houston Ranked #17 in the List of Most Popular STC Chapters and SIGs […]

3. Li-At Ruttenberg (@virtual_li) - 06/13/2013

Hi Yvonne,

It’s official: you guys are doing great stuff at the Houston chapter! Congratulations all around, and kudos to you on your hard work and dedication :)


Santa Barbara chapter (@STCSantaBarbara)
Technical Editing SIG (@stc_te_sig)

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